Monday, July 9, 2007

Day Sixteen

July 8, 2007
- Today we woke up a little later than we hoped and took off for the remainder of our journey back home to the beautiful golden state of California. It was going to be a little shorter of a drive than yesterday's, only about 11 hour drive. haha...whoopy! Anyway, we made our way through New Mexico and stopped in Albequerque one last time to look at the shops downtown to find a turquiose ring for Roger and some earrings for myself. I found some earrings, but Roger couldn't find a ring that he liked that actually fit him-his fingers were as fat as hot dogs. haha. So we left and went through Gallup New Mexico and grabbed some Papa John's and headed through Arizona where we stopped at Indian City to look for some more rings but with no success once again. THen we saw the "Welsome to California" sign and yelled with glee. It was absolutely amazing coming up over the hills and seeing all the lights of Barstow in the distance as wide as the eyes can see realizing how much bigger ALL of the California cities are compared to some of the biggest cities we have seen across the US. It was an aww stroke moment. Anyway, we drove about 2 more hours and arrived safe and sound in Alta Loma, Ca. about 40 minutes sooner than we thought at Roger's dad's house and hit the bed immediately. So that is it. We are back home. Thanks to everyone that has been keeping up with our trip and we will be posting pictures soon. Take care.

Roger and Melissa

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day Fifteen

July 7, 2007

- Today we drove ONE THOUSAND MILES from Memphis to Albuquerque. It was a long day to say the least as my eyes are blood shot red from chasing the sun west as the miles clicked away. The most interesting thing we did see was the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which was beautiful and sad all at the same time. To walk those solemn grounds really brought that day fresh into our memories though it was twelve years ago. I still can not believe we crossed so much country in one day.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Day Fourteen

July 6, 2007
- I arose to the sound of my phone alarm clock ringing, I walked down to grab some breakfast and then we got ready. We drove to a local oil shop and got Suzy Suzuki's oil changed. we then drove on to Atlanta were we stopped for lunch at OK Diner. They serve traditional southern food fish almondine, corn on the cob, squash and cracker casserole and we even ate fried sweet potato chips. we then drove all the way to Memphis, Tennessee. We stopped and walked down Beale Street and had barbecue. The ribs were good though I did ask for dry rub ribs and the waiter walked out with sauce drenched ribs... he said dry rub comes with sauce all over them, I didn't argue. We then looked for a place to stay, Melissa walked into a motel were the manager was watching TV. She asked if they had any rooms? Not Turning she said "Iainthaveanymore" in a thick accent and not one identifiable word(Translation: we don't have anymore rooms) needless to say we finally found a room

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day Thirteen

July 5, 2007
- We woke up this morning and immediately got on the road, we drove north on highway 75 up out of Fort Myers Beach towards Tampa, we stopped about two hours later for lunch at Steak and Shake. Melissa had a chocolate banana shake and a club sandwich, I had a double steak burger with cheese and a peach shake, for the price it is a great deal. One thing we did notice about Florida is that they have had the worst drivers so far; the fast lane is long trains of cars while the slow lane is peppered with trucks. You have to pass in the middle lanes while trying not to get hit by the teenagers in mustangs and pickups weaving in and out of traffic.We then drove north and headed out farther and farther on 75 making it all the way to Georgia, where we stopped at a truck stop and bought a cheap audio tape to listen to as we continued north to Macon, Georgia. Well, that is where we stopped for the night. Macon is in the center of the state with beautiful rolling hills, temperate climate and all around beautiful landscape. Melissa and I both really find the area a gorgeous place to live.

P.S. Beta the blog is written by the both of us so it skips from 1st to 3rd as we trade off, but thanks for commenting...

Day Twelve

July 4th, 2007

-Today we checked out of the inn and walked to Blue Heaven Restaurant for breakfast and drinks. We had shrimp omelettes and banana bread that was like my mom’s but still not as good. Then we walked to Ernest Hemmingway’s house and saw all of the cats and took a mini tour of it. It got really hot and we were sweating we needed to cool off so we decided to walk back to Mango Tree Inn and see if Peggy would allow us to take a quick little dip in the pool. So we swam with Kailey Mae for a little bit and then we walked to the beach and swam in the ocean for a while. We met a guy who worked for Guy Harvey’s there, so we went there and bought a shirt for Roger. We met some cool black guys on the street who let us wash off with their hose. Black guys are always the nicest people! We love them. Ten we made our way back to the cruise ship. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, which Roger actually learned that he liked. And checked back into the Econo Lodge where we ate our Arby’s. haha. Goodnight.

Day Eleven

July 3rd, 2007

- We went snorkeling today from 9:30am-12:30pm. It was absolutely unforgettable!!! Roger and eye both saw a 4ft shark trying to eat something caught in the coral right underneath us! I AM NOT EXAGERATING!!! It was just 10ft under us…even though my eyes were pretty much glued to the shark beneath me, I decided to look up and at that very moment saw two 3ft long white spotted sting rays swimming right passed us about 20 ft. away. Unfortunately, they swam by so fast that by the time I got Roger to look away from the shark, they were already out of sight. But I won’t forget that J. Oh, swimming through tons of little jellyfish and yellow tail snappers wasn’t bad either. We just drank free beer and wine and stood on deck watching dolphins swim by the whole way back to the dock. It was very relaxing. We ate at Uppercrust Pizza again tonight. Best pepperoni pizza ever!

Day Ten

July 2nd, 2007

- We woke up and took a 3 ½ hr cruise ship ride to Key West. It was very nice. We checked into the quaint and wonderful bed and breakfast Mango Tree Inn. We checked in with Peggy and met her birds on the front porch, saw the swimming pool, and pet her lovely lab Kailey Mae. Our room was huge and very well taken care of with a walk in closet and bathroom, and a walk in kitchen, not to mention all of the little touches like rose petals decorating everywhere, magazines, and helpful tourist recommendations and coupons. We were very excited and very pleased for the price! We took Peggy’s recommendation and ate lunch at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and had our first Rum Runners…delicious!!! We stopped to have some homemade strawberry ice cream and their famous key lime pie. We took a 3 hr nap, got up and walked around the strip and bought some souvenirs.

Day Nine

July 1st, 2007
- We woke up at the worst hotel ever and drove down to St. Petersburg, Fl. And ate at a incredibly cheap but high quality cuisine restaurant, Guppy’s and had lobster escargot, seared ahi, and crab cakes all for under $30!!! It was a mix between Chilis and Scott’s. haha. We checked into the Econo Lodge at St. Petersburg by Fort Myers, did our laundry, ate Taco Bell, and got ready for our trip to Key West.

Day Eight

June 30th, 2007
- We checked out of hotel St. Marie. It was raining while we made our 2nd and last breakfast trip for more beignets and café au laits at Café du Monde. As we made our way out of New Orleans, that’s when we saw all of the decrepit houses that were left abandoned and wrecked by Katrina. They were all marked with red graffiti. There were boats left half crushed. Tourism is about 80% of the city’s economy, so I think they focused all on rebuilding the city to attract everyone back to it and everything outside of the city was looked over. We got stuck in traffic in Mobile, Alabama which made our trip 12 hours instead of 9 and what made it worst is that we got a speeding ticket L. So then we checked in and called it a night.

Day Seven

June 29th, 2007
-We woke up at the lovely Hotel St. Marie on Bourbon Street and walked to Café Du Monde and ate our very first beignets (French donuts covered in powdered sugar) and café au laits. It was delicious! Roger bought me a nice little summer dress that I when we went out to eat at a raw bar and had the first oysters that I ever really liked *Bill and Marie were right ;) Then we had the most exciting part of the trip yet…we went out on a small airboat on a near bayou and saw tons of alligators! They were everywhere. The guide let me drive the boatJ. The best part was seeing an 11 ft. alligator come right to the boat and our guide petted his head and fed him hot dogs. He named the gator Big Al, because apparently he always stays there and has gotten so used to the boat coming around that he feeds him chickens and hot dogs and he sometimes comes onto the boat. It was absolutely amazing being just five feet away from an 11ft wild alligator!!! Later that evening we ate at Café Toulouse at our hotel and had mashed sweet potatoes and roger and I both had our first taste of home made gumbo-very yummy! Then we had a few drinks at the local bars again and went dancing.