Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tiger Army Once Again

Melissa and I went to see Tiger Army. We had both seen them before but this was her first time seeing them headline, it was also her first real punk show. Mike Vallely's Revolution Mother and AFI friends The Dear & Departed opened. Revolution was funny to watch as Mike heckled jocks, spoke of being old and yelled ever word as if he was in Black Flag. The Dear sounded like Scatter the Ashes with more melody. Tiger Army had once again enlisted the help of ex-AFI bassist Geoff Kresge to play which was nice, I always like his energy. They didn't play anything special except for their cover of The Misfits, American Nightmare which hadn't been played in over nine years. I got to meet Melissa's co-worker Tyler who was a really nice guy, plus he is an old skater which was great to talk about Mike V and his exploits with Element. Tiger Army will always be one of my favorites, how can you go wrong with mixing punk, country and rock-a-billy.