Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Thank you Garet for introducing me to Pinback all those years ago, for accidentally buying their CD six years ago at Boo Boo's. I really hadn't listened to them in a few years because their early albums can grow a little monotonous. Little did I know that they had grown so much. We all went to see Pinback play what I consider one of the best sets of rock I have ever seen. Rarely have I ever seen a band control the mood of a crowd so well with their music. Though Rob Crow looks like a big bearded nerd that wouldn't have a personality to save him, he is actually a soft spoken sweetheart. Each song only built the show to an ending crescendo that I didn't want to stop. It was a truly beautiful experience and one that I will always remember. Their last two albums are amazing examples of modern smart pop music. Support them, go to their shows and buy their Cd's.