Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Cure

Tonight I saw The Cure, this was another one of the bands that I had to see before I die. I had grown up listening to them had always felt a connection to Robert Smith's lyrics and chord progressions. The dark and brooding would be mixed with the surpy saccharine of the 80's to form his version of goth. This concert was amazing, he played for over three hours straight drawing on material from all the eras of the band. If you are just a fan of the greatest hits album this was not for you, as he seemed to play around with those songs by humming or dancing instead of singing. conversely his renditions of One Hundred Years and A Forest were powerful and as close to a digital recording as I have ever heard. Though I did confess to my friends that I feel that the aging 50 year old Smith looks a little bit like a dark earth momma. Enjoy the videos:

Robert Tired of singing Love Cats: