Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hot Water Music

Friday August 29Th, I drove to Hollywood to see one of the most influential bands of my life; Hot Water Music. Caution alone is one of the most important albums in my catalogue. Their brand of rock melds so many genre's into a powerful emotional release. I really couldn't believe that they were touring again. After separating in 2005 so that Chuck could get married and start his construction business, I thought the closest I could get to seeing them again was Chris's band The Draft (Though I do have to say that In a Million Pieces was my favorite album of 2006). The reformation has been quite a joy to witness as I know that I am not the only one that has been excited to see them, as I read in a magazine, "Hot Water Music is touring again, old guys with beards are stoked." The show itself was exactly as I had expected, no lights, nothing fancy and no pretentiousness. They were just there to play a rock show. I want to thank Jason, Robert and Mark for showing me a great time and especially Jason getting me all the memorabilia. One of the weirdest things was after the show as we were waiting to meet up with Alex at a house party Chuck came up to me and just wanted to chat. Now I have never been one to talk to my heroes because I just think its awkward. So to have one of my favorite songwriters and singers just want to chat was very meaningful. Probably one of the most memorable experiences I have had this year.
P.S. If you haven't listened to them check out the songs Manual, I Was on a Mountain and Seeing Diamonds.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


A possum gave birth in my trash can last night. I set the can on its side so that she could get out, She ended up taking her kids out with her that evening. Sometimes I am oblivious that we encroach upon nature; we take over what was there and forget that nature dictates they way we live not the other way around.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Evil and amazing. Reminds me of long drives across this state.

Soul on Bikes

Great read. Not the most well written but a frank retelling of one mans life. Plus the photos that are included could stand alone.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

sunday morning coming down

So, I left this morning on the trump and headed south on the 101. I had just left San Luis Obispo and was passing the South Higuera exit when the bike just shut down. Just before that I noticed that I only had full acceleration at half throttle, I thought the timing was off, so on the side of the road I kicked started her back to life and headed south. About a quarter mile down the road I noticed that it wasn't any better so I decided to turn around at the Avila beach exit, as I entered the north bound 101 and shifted gears to come to highway speeds the rear wheel locked up at around 55 miles an hour and I went fish tailing down the right lane and off the road. Needless to say I was a bit shaken when I called my friend to pick me and the bike off the side of the freeway.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Clash

Train in Vain

Say you stand by your man
Tell me something I dont understand
You said you love me and thats a fact
Then you left me, said you felt trapped

Well some things you can explain away
But my heartaches in me till this day

Did you stand by me
No, not at all
Did you stand by me
No way

All the times
When we were close
Ill remember these things the most
I see all my dreams come tumbling down
I wont be happy without you around

So all alone I keep the wolves at bay
There is only one thing that I can say

You must explain why this must be
Did you lie when you spoke to me

Did you stand by me
No, not at all

Now I got a job
But it dont pay
I need new clothes
I need somewhere to stay
But without all these things I can do
But without your love I wont make it through

But you dont understand my point of view
I suppose theres nothing I can do

You must explain why this must be
Did you lie when you spoke to me?

I love this song, I always have. It just has a whole new meaning for me.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Charles Kraft

Contradicting imagery, I could write a paper on just one of his pieces.