Saturday, December 27, 2008

BEST OF 2008

Sleepercar; West Texas
- My favorite album of the year, Jim Ward has always been one of my favorite songwriters from At the Drive In to Sparta. This album though was something special; he created a sonic landscape that teeters between the American west and his spacey roots in Sparta. I am surprised more people weren't into this album.
Disfear; Live the Storm
- Normally albums this hard can't hold my attention span, this though transcends the normal hardcore punk roots and makes you want to beat your fist in the air and scream along to every word.
Saviours; Into Abaddon
- This was the metal album of the year; hands down! from the cover art, blistering solos and pounding drums. I probably drove everyone crazy around me the first few months of the year because I wouldn't listen to anything else, but I don't care, it's that good (Don't believe me? Ryan Adams even liked it in his NY Times interview).
Dead to Me: Little Brother
- Saw them open for the Souls this spring. This is punk rock. Wish there were more bands like this out there.
The Sword; Gods of the Earth
- Like Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and early Metallica?
The Gaslight Anthem; The 59' Sound
- This was my second favorite album of the year. I know everyone quoted the boss, but I hear more soul in this album. Another album that I annoyed everyone with by singing along to every word to every track for months. Though Sarah pointed out that the lead singer stole lyrics from the Counting Crows...
Conor Oberst: Conor Oberst
- "So I remain between her legs
Sheltered from all my fears
While bikers glide by highway shrines
Where pilgrims disappear"

My Morning Jacket: Evil Urges
- Led Zeppelin and Prince in one song.
The Clash: Train in Vain (Shea Stadium live version)
- Always loved this song, love it even more, no matter the version. Punk Version of a Pet Sounds song.
The Cure: All I Want (I know it's not new but I couldn't resist)
- I listened to this far to much not to include it.
MGMT: Electric Feel
- Who can't dance to this?
Birdmonster: Balcony
- I still have no clue who gave this to me, love it though.
NIN: Discipline
- Does Trent ever put out bad singles?

Tiger Army
Bouncing Souls
The Cure (Best show, hands down, hearing 100 Years was more than I could handle)
Hot Water Music (My favorite show; got to meet one of my idols at this show, very important and memorable night)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
- Very cathartic on a personal level. This is one of those movies that was perfect in every way. Watch it, Jason Seigel is amazing.
Batman: The Dark Knight
- Perfect...
Fallen: Ride the Sky
- Skating, music and aesthetics came together to make a movie that would force the most sloth skate.
- Funnier every time you watch it.
The Fall
- Tarsem has the best eye in Hollywood. Great movie, even though it was a fairy tale.
Role Models
- Paul Rudd, always funny.
Hamlet 2
- The most irreverent movie ever, but with enough heart to keep you interested.
Wristcutters a Love Story
- Can't explain it, you have to watch Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, Shannon Sossamon and that kid from Saved travel to purgatory.
- Anton Corbijn's biopic on Ian Curtis and the rise and demise of Joy Division. Filmed in black and white, it only adds to the serene desolation that made up Ian's life. I wanted to reach out and help him, so goth, so good.
Weeds Season Four
- Weeds is dark, funny and based in the hell hole known as Orange County. I think one of the reasons that Arrested Development was so funny was this fact. All this and Mary-Louise Parker. Addictive like crack.
True Blood
- Alan Ball? Vampires? The South? Werewolves? Black Magic? What isn't to like?

Memories and Revisits:
- Forth of July in Pismo.
- Erick and Holly's wedding.
- Dom chats.
- Every moment on my motorcycle.
- Homes for some of my friends, engagements for the others.
- Maine
- Turkey Gumbo
- David's constant entusiasm
- Pinot Noir from Windward
- Robbie + Beer = fun times (Paso and air guitar)
- Up Chicken, Down Chicken
- Valentine splendor at the Madonna
- Paint Ball, who knew?
- Swedish crepes with Tona, I look forward to every trip.
- Goth
- Sunglasses and Vans
- Crystal Hot Sauce
- Henry Rollins, Noam Chomsky, Stephen Gagan and Jello Biafra educated politics.
- Jack, Ludia and Robert at the Original Pancake House.
- Shipyards Pumpkinhead Ale
- The Cure, yes I love them, every song, every album.
- Sweaters (argyle or buttons)
- Skating Los Osos and Atascadero
- Drunk Texts
- Florian Bertmer
- Discovering Klosterman. Brilliant, every sarcastic word.
- Stephen Colbert: I Am America (and so can you!)
- Old 97's: Hit by a Train
- College
- Seeing Batman at midnight
- Books in general
- Sarah and Kevin's Holiday pictures.
- Did I mention Maine?
- The significance of Obama wining.
- My Friends I wouldn't be here without you, I love all of you for who you are and what you do!

P.S. if I forgot something, remind me...

Sunday, December 14, 2008