Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Twenty Two


Went to Vegas to check out a bike for Robert. Seller sold the bike in route. so we looked at a house for Robert. We ate, we gambled (Robert winning again, how does he do that?), we people watched and we saw a great movie (Scott Pilgrim) Other than the 10hr drive home it was a memorable two days in Vegas. Thanks Robert.

P.S. CHP we pay your salary, so yes, you have time to talk to us.
P.P.S. The Egg and I is one of the best breakfast locations I have ever eaten at. Best new style eggs benedict as well. oh and Alexis is a good server, though Robert I think she was looking for you to say that you got in to Poly Sci to help the huddled masses. Just a thought.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday we got the cylinders and valves all set and back on the 36' VLH. This was only the second time this engine has been apart and both times at CEC. First, about ten years ago when it was brought in as a blue and rust pile and second just in the last few weeks. For you that don't know the VL was Harley's precursor to the OHV series (knucklehead). They ran from 1930 till 1936. They were a Flathead or side valve configuration. The VLH that we are working on was an Oakland police bike new and because of that was ordered in the 80" model. there are a few reasons these bikes last so long, one, the engines were designed all in a perpendicular stance, so there was no side to side movement being a flat head they are incredibly simplistic in design and one could say over constructed. Two, if you have ever held any of the frame components you'll know what I mean, the I-beam forks are solid the frame is twice as heavy as a later OHV bigtwin frame, these were meant to last. The frame is still in primer and needs some more wet sanding before the one stage black is laid down.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


"You weren't wrong, Tom. You were just wrong about me."

I thought 500 Days of Summer did an excellent job of dissecting the the modern introverted scenester males psyche. To say he was original would be false. Did I sing Train in Vain like he did? Yup. Does he listen to Joy Division and The Smiths like myself? Yup. But what they did do originally was accurately portray someone that is hopelessly looking for the perfect person in every girl he meets. I understand that, I do. I don't know what it is that has made so many of us. We have broken homes, like The Cure, go to punk shows, draw in sketch books, pontificate wildly about any of our interests and fall madly/stupidly in what we think is love all to often, all to quickly. It is a character flaw and a major one at that seeing as that it's not just a few but a million of us all over. I can't pin point it but I think it might stem from the fact that most of us have never made our fathers laugh and have been our mothers shoulder to cry on. Being alone and in love are quite alike when it comes down to it, it's just how you handle it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The weather has been intensely pleasurable. They say that when an El Nino year ends a La Nina begins. Wonderful summer no rain winter. I have to say I am enjoying it now but don't look forward to a rainless winter. I can still remember the second winter in Orange County. It didn't rain once during the day all winter long. It honestly doesn't feel like winter with out inclement days. Where the weather and this economy is taking us I don't know. I do know that I am looking forward to the golden days of fall. It should be a good one.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Light so bright that your eyes take time to focus. The little particulates of dust float through the air like microscopic snow. The early morning light always casts the golden tint upon everything, a sign that the day is new and what will unfold without question or hesitation. This is the the point were you realize that your bones are stiff and unable to move. The sleep surrounding your eyes and the sheets grazing your beard. You have to do something, exactly what, is up to me.


Monday, August 2, 2010


"Homes isn't the right word. It's houses. I am going to be bored until August 7th. I am going to the third grade and you just sit and do math. you are lucky you don't have to go to school. You just sit there and a teacher talks to you. Who are you writing that to? Why are you writing that? I just don't get you. You're writing what I just said. what?"
Honestly it is getting harder and harder to remember what it was like to be that young. I know that time period. We had just moved to the Shelldrake house. My father had spent two years building it. I had to change schools and start going to a brand new elementary school Valley Oak. I had a teacher by the name of Mrs. Fries (Pronounced Freeze not Fries). I didn't have any friends on that block but I soon realized that I lived on a street that had seven kids all in the same grade. That was enormous learning experience. I didn't have any siblings and almost everyone on the block did. What was cool came from them. The interesting thing is that is when I realized I wasn't like everyone else, those formative years spent alone created the brain that I had which was very imaginative with loner tendencies. To this day I most often prefer to be by myself working on something that interests me instead of being with a group of friends. I didn't often like what was on TV or the music that was on the radio. I feel this is why when I finally found the music and subcultures that I did, I became so earnestly enthralled with them.

Sunday, August 1, 2010



Today I have been listening to a lot of media that have presented the idea of change as a necessary facet of society. Whether that be art, politics or philosophy. One's choice to take part in change whether that be creation or degradation of something is up to ones own need. This need comes from within. I think far to often that need is suppressed by a lack motivation or constant diversion. I personally get nothing from watching sports, I have no issue with ones right to choose to do so. The issue comes with constant presence of that in ones life. This sounds preachy and probably is. I think we all need to take a time out once and a while. In doing this I think we would all be surprised by the amount that we can accomplish. I think back to my own life and can not believe that I at one time went to school full time and worked two jobs while simultaneously producing my largest cannon of photographic work. As time passed that amount has dwindled to an occasional session usually coinciding a weekend trip or vacation. So in using this first post I make that commitment to produce more, more often.


I have been thinking a lot about the effect of a life that is not based upon progression. To stay stagnant in a unmediated life. This is terrifying, in the idea that you might not amass the knowledge to competently see what has been presented to us deeply bothers me. Noam Chomsky says that in a modern industrialized society that there are two classes of people, the 20% with education that do good or bad and the 80% that follow blindly what is given to them. I feel that if I don't continue writing, creating and studying that it would be quite easy slip into a life of compliancy. So having said that I am giving myself a trial or challenge to be able to help myself combat the effects of stasis. So over the next month I will try to Write something everyday and take at least one photo and publish and post those efforts. This trial is for me and me alone, so I hope that I can learn and glean something from this experience.