Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nice Layout

From Nash

Jeff Coons Must Die

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Video Game from Hunter Jonakin on Vimeo.

Pretty funny critique on the modern art world controlled by multimillionaire's, museums and auction houses. I have always been impressed with Jeff Coons' ability to infiltrate the art world after working on wall street for so long. Maybe it just is the money that got him in? Who knows? Either way this funny.

Clovis Antique and Motorcycle Show

What the bike show lacked the antique show made up for. It was a lot of fun, there were an immense amount of varied vintage to antique items. From tools to midcentury furniture. Free and fun, what more can you ask for.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


All this and she is even political, supporting Voto Latino.


This makes me laugh every time.

Sorry I'm Latte

Fun late 50's early 60's style illustration. This makes Victoria laugh everytime she sees it.

Hunter and Conan (Not the Barbarian)

That poor, poor bear.

Katherine Knew What Was Up

Katherine Hepburn skateboarding in what looks to be the early 70's by her clothes, board and the Samba behind her.

Touche Amore

They are hands down the best band in Hardcore right now. I am extremely curious for their new album that will soon be out on Deathwish.


David, I think I found your dream vehicle. I don't know if Teresa or Zoe will be as excited.

Matthews HD Fresno, California

WR Hill Climber

Knuckle Hill Climber:
Check out the succedding photos, the aluminum race only linkert, TT gas/oil tanks from 51', the wishbone frame, cut down controls and risers, chain on the rear, race sproket, stripped hydra glide, wr seat, early floor boards, WICO magneto in the generator hole and 18's front and rear. This was quite a find, Bird told me about it, "the other day," so I had to go check it out.

These photos were taken at Matthews in dowtown Fresno, they are currently under construction. They are building a museum for the late founders collection, which includes at least one bike from each decade stating in 1917 to present. He also has a considerable race collection as that was his passion. Nice visit, though Victoria let me know that I starred at the knuckle for about 25 minutes without talking. Funny, but I had the same reaction when I saw Van Gogh's Mulberry Tree at the Norton Simon.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said, "Japan is experiencing its greatest hardships since World War II," as it tackles the aftermath of an earthquake, tsunami and a growing nuclear crisis.

Help with what you can.

Monday, March 14, 2011


These songs are on my mind today.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Words Can Not Express...

how much this video sucks/blows/add your own horrible adjective. Oh and it's from the Bay Dave... Great things come from The City. The song, white rapper, horrible bikes, weird hookers, commercial like production, cameos, clothing, any one of these things equal bad, put them together and you have a whole new level.

Sunday, March 6, 2011



He sure is.

My True Love...

Well, not really. My real true love Vicotria snuck in and snapped this of me as I was customizing Valentine in my head. Don't we all do this? You have to stare at a canvas to know what the painting is going to be.

Bike Progress

Well, last night I got some time to work on the bike as she has been neglected since I started school. I started disassembling her to work on the carburetor. As I did I discovered that one of the original shovel tanks that I had been using had a serious flaw. The rear right side bolt that attaches to the backbone of the frame had come loose. I am so glad that I found that now. If I hadn't and a leak had developed who knows what would have happened. Luckily I bought these new tanks to fit on her. They are original Panhead tanks from probably a 52'-54'. They fit with such close proximity to the engine that I fear I will never use anything but them on bikes in the future. The new seat fits wonderfully and I really love the color of the leather ( I need to contact Roberti Leather to see if he can make a matching P-Pad). That and I need to lace up that 21" rim that is in storage. For the rear I haven't decided between a 16" or an 18", any suggestions? Now I need to get her apart and really detail her and paint. I only have a few months but I know that is going to go by quick as I have little free time anymore.


Through out my life when asked where I am from people would often cringe to learn that I was from Fresno. I was often confused as I really enjoyed growing up here and upon moving back two months ago I was asked frequently, why? Yes, Fresno has its downfalls but it has so many pluses that it shouldn't be over looked. Fresno is an excellent place, sorry all you detractors. It just is. We have a huge population of immigrants which allows us to have hundreds of choices of foods and histories. The city is old and has immense amounts of architecture from almost every period of the 19th and 20th centuries. It is relatively close to the Sierra's and the Pacific. We have a large automotive cultural history. To learn a little more about it I have provided a link to the Bee's historical page for your edification: So the next time you hear some one knock Fresno you won't be ignorant to its beauties.

Van Ness Heights

This home in Fresno's Van Ness Heights district was built in 1925 on Brown Street (one of the university streets). Van Ness Heights would have been an unusual site else where in America. California at the time was a champion of burgeoning communities. This district that was catered to the newly developing middle class and shockingly still exists. In most areas these homes are either torn down or highly gentrified, in Fresno there is still huge blocks of highly unchanged examples of early tract homes. They are beautiful homes that show the craftsmanship of a different time. To the West of this house is a huge segment of early 50's suburban homes that were built exclusively for the upper middle class and I will do a post on them soon. I will continue to do updates on these architectural time capsules in Fresno.