Monday, December 31, 2012


Capital Seafood, the best dim sum I have ever had. The food is rich, savory, and surprisingly light. I would have some right now if I could.

New Years Eve: Went hiking up in the hills, the first two photographs you can see the Pacific off in the distance. We then went to see Perks at the three dollar theater  So good. My favorite movie of the year (Moonlight being a close second). 

aint Nobody got time for that

End of a Year

Converge: All We Love We Leave Behind

Justin Townes Earle: (2008, I know...) Midnight Movies

Whirr: Pipe Dreams

Desaparecidos: MariKKKopa 

Flightless Buttress

Baroness: Yellow and Green

Hot Water Music: Exister

Ceremony: Zoo

Beach House: Bloom

Godspeed You! Black Emperor: 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

Perks of Being a Wallflower
Moonrise Kingdom
Bronson (2007)
Take This Waltz
Jiro Dreams of Sushi

My Students
Born Free IV
Home Remodel
Dinners with Bob
Working out with Moises
Crying at movies with Victoria
Basque Picnic
Mom's 69th
William Elliot Whitmore, September SF
Finishing Valentine
Riding with Jason
Visiting my friends in August and December
11.5 hours in the car alone
Having three addresses this year and four phone numbers
Auto shop CW
Thanksgiving with Robert
Pancakes and Bacon with the Dutch Italians and Nurse
Listening to Blair ramble on...
Marathon sessions with David and Bird
Meeting the soft handed Decker
Fishing "Strippers" with Kenny and Dad

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fresno to Orange County

Storm clouds melding with high clouds.

The Grapevine.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Grey Fresno Day

 Made dinner tonight for the holidays. Blue cheese mashed russet potatoes.
 Rib roast that I dry aged and then applied my secret rub.
 50/50 salad with walnuts, craisins, avocado and my vinaigrette.
 Local French loaf.
 Pumpkin cheese cake.
Mom's home lit up. My remodel from this summer is weathering well. Her room is much warmer since I reset the windows. The stain that I applied is looking good and not allowing the moisture to creep in like usual. Most notably is the front door which is still plumb and true. Working with your hands is one of the most rewarding pastimes that you can do in this short life.

My Boys

 My boy Bucky (aka Buck-A-Roo). I miss him so dearly, I want him to stay in my room while I work. I am sure no one would even mind the fact that a dog is there in my classroom. Funny, he is so out of shape. When we went on our run he could barely make it to the Bullard loop. He is still my boy.

Wally is still looking alright for a dog that was dying in my arms this summer. For a guy with half a lung he is still the sweetest dog you could ever hope for.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Drving After a Day of Driving

Took mom to Diana's for lunch. Joo Jeh kabab was wonderful as per usual. 

 Some light reading I found at my Uncle and Aunts house. I wonder what points he actually decided on?... We drove to their house in Visalia, only an hour each way.

 Veal ravioli and a side of meatball's at the Cosmopolitan. The ravioli was alright, a bit bland. the meatballs on the other hand were great. I am extremely picky with my meatball consumption and these were worth getting again.
 Ended up at Denny's after the Bulldog Grill with Laura and Aaron. Conversation ensued from everything to nothing. it was nice being able to catch up with Aaron. He has a great conversant nature. I count myself lucky to have him as a friend. I still don't get the menu as it was overly rich. Who eats cake rounds with icing for breakfast?
They are producing these for the local stores now. Brewed in downtown Fresno.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11.5 Hours in a Car Alone

 Woke up with an inch of snow on the car. This was not a good sign.

 Lonely and desolate Oregon, it really has a beauty of it.

 Weed, California.

Mountains Surrounding Lake Shasta.

I have never spent so many hours in a car alone. In fact, sections of my drive were twice as long as they should have been. I was screaming four letter expletives at the surrounding drivers. Luckily with the help of friends and family I kept some of my sanity. I said some...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Valentine

I have been thinking of my life and the ongoing changes that are occurring  I really can not change so many parts of me but one thing I can change is the amount of time that I spend in the saddle this year. I have only a few true therapies. Thank goodness they almost always involve just me. I am going to look into another bike come the first of the year. It needs to be low mileage, late model and ready to run. Saddlebags are a must and I will probably ride the US this summer. Maybe I can make it to Mount Katahdin to hike with Bob.I wonder how my Valentine will handle my affection for another all the while sharing the same garage? 

Motorcycle Memories

David, Bryan and I at Hanford. I think A JD just rode past and caught our attention. Funny, any other group of guys and you'd believe a bunch of boobs had just been flashed. Photo credit: Victoria.

Christmas Day

Feeding the children.

Reminds me of Maine.

The Deschutes River, I went running this morning as the snow was coming down. Could only do a few miles as the snow and the wind got to my skinny, shorted, legs. The driving snow makes sound fall silent. The mallards and Canadians were flying low hugging the volcanic cliffs of the river. Ice covered the road from yesterdays warmer temperatures. It reminded me of the quote the Robbie's philosophy professor used to say, philosophers don't come from the tropics. I couldn't help think of this years changes. The friendships, heartaches, moves, love, hate and the many feelings that come with looking head first into another year. I look forward to moving on. It hasn't been easy. My mind and heart are my worst enemies.

Some friends of ours...

I've been infatuated with this hippo skull since I was 18. I should steal it.

You can really push the exposure on these new digitals. Its like having a darkroom on the back of the body. I am sure everyone else knows this already. I am always slow to the party. As I have been told so many times, "you are just an old man trapped in a younger mans body."

He's looking good in that red and black lumberjack, that I got him. Anyone know the lyrical reference?

Playing with Dad's Digital SLR this morning. I think I am going to get the same Cannon that he just purchased.