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Orr Springs Road

Some cabin porn, Comptche, CA.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Montgomery Redwood Grove

Montgomery Redwood Grove is the most rural redwood grove in America. The road is only 13 miles from Ukiah but takes at least 45 minutes by car. It is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ukiah, California

County Court House

Original paint signs from the turn of the century.

State Street

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sun House

The Sun House, not to be confused with Son House, is an arts and crafts home built after the turn of the 20th century in Ukiah, Ca. It is one of the finest examples on the west coast of this form of architecture. The house mixes western and native american influences mainly done in redwood and metal. 

Red Wood Service Station

Ukiah, California


Old interview, though this is a great collection of questions he answered with real earnest.

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50 Years of Cool

50 years ago the Rolling Stones played their first show. They will always be my band of the sixties.

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Sailing Experience

When I was young I loved to sail. That was my dads second hobby that he passed on to me, after fishing and before hunting. He was an accomplished racer and had won many events all over the state. I started by sitting on the railing of other peoples boats but soon I got my own sail boat and began learning with my dads guidance. Like anything I like I become obsessed. I ended up sailing everyday sometimes late into the night when the wind had stopped and I had to paddle ashore. One of my fondest memories with my father was when a front was blowing into the central valley and we took off to rig the boat. I remember the wake and the spray from the bow drenching me as I tightened the sheet on a windward tack in the middle of the night. So in a Roger roundabout way to give a background to what happened yesterday I will let Victoria continue; 

Hello News Junkies, Victoria here with the latest scoop. Let me just say, Roger was altogether magnificent! We had been traveling along on the boat we were in when our companion Jeanette noticed a sailboat going over on its side. Our Captain Bill turned us around to check on the sailors. When asked if they were all right, they said no. The party was a middle aged man, a woman and a dog. The man was trying to hang on to his girlfriend AND his dog AND his boat. As soon as Roger heard they needed help he stripped off his sweater and shoes and dove right in. The man brought his girlfriend and his dog over to our boat and we hauled them on board. I could not figure why the woman was so very still. She was not moving any of her limbs but was more curled into a ball until we hauled her from the water. The dog also, seemed very shaken. Roger began working on the boat, untying the main sheet and working on righting the vessel. The man, whose name was Andy, then returned to righting the boat. Once the boat was upright, it started sinking to Roger's dismay. This boat is a rental by the way. We left the guys in the water and hauled over to the rental place to let them know one of theirs was going down.  We dropped the lady and her dog on shore. We had a third boat assisting as well and when we got back we saw the sailboat was back on its side with Roger balancing on the keel. The third boat had hooked it and was towing it to shore on its side. We got Roger back and bid Andy good luck. No one was hurt and the boat didn't sink. 

Here is what happened: Andy had some sailing experience but not much. The rental had air jackets on either side which should have been plugged to keep the boat from sinking. For whatever reason, they had no plugs so when the boat tipped, one filled with water. When Roger and Andy brought it right side up again, the OTHER filled with water and with that, it started sinking. Here's the kicker though. This couple had only been on the water for about ten minutes. The girlfriend had just finished asking if the boats ever tipped over. Andy's reply had been "Rarely". Minutes later, over it went. The reason the girlfriend had asked is because she couldn't swim. This explained her very still posture when Andy brought her to our boat. She hadn't the first clue what to do and she was petrified.   I think she was in shock. Did I mention the dog was sixteen years old? Yep! All in all it was very exciting. Roger doesnt think he did anything special at all but I disagree.  He didn't hesitate a moment to help those people and if he didn't know about sail boats Andy would have had a tough time keeping  her afloat not to mention the non-swimming girlfriend and the elderly dog. I'm really proud of him. Our companions have re-named him "Boy Wonder"!        

A Conversation With Myself...

Nice editing, and way to be introspective on your own life.

Huntington Lake

High Sierra Regatta's first weekend was going on while we were at the lake. Huntington has to be one of the most beautiful places in the west. It is weird but it feels like you step back in time with this lake as the amenities are few and far between, this is one of the reasons I like it. That and the fact you are above 7,000 feet in the pines.

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Being on a roof in 100 degree weather is not my idea of ideal. At least I like the work.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

The two main reasons we decided to secede from our "mother-land." Though the Declaration was signed throughout the month of July 1776 we decided later on to celebrate the 4th as our day of remembrance. In fact the famous painting of the Declaration is a total sham, as the convention members were rarely completely whole. Independence Hall in Philadelphia is a place all should visit as it is where learned members of society decided that the course in which their government was ruling was incorrect. We should make that a strong memory this year as the election creeps closer.  Have a reverent 4th of July.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well, She's Running...

I need to machine a spacer for the seat springs, when I accelarate I slide off the back of the seat.  Makes for an interesting ride. I need to do that and find Victoria and I a nice seat. If my 18" comes in soon I might as well lace it up and bob this bike up. Should I bob her or leave her as a hot rod? Chime in.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Born Free IV

Victoria saying, "Oh my god the bikes are amazing!" Robert wasn't so impressed.

Ron Webber (Cap's Powder Coating) milled the heads.







Zoe's crush

The bikes, and incidently the winner.

Evil Spirit

The risers are from an antique exercise machine. 

Gak painted this.


The Garage Co line up


I like the minty green.

Jeremiah and Tom.

Nice bobber.

Jason  Webber

What a great time. That really sums in up, there isn't a enough time to see everything, looking at bikes and I missed one of my favorite bands. I want to thank everyone that came, said hello or traveled to see it. 

P.S. Show etiquette, don't touch the vehicles. Why did I see so many people touching the bikes? Oh, why are fifty year old drunk men inclined to share their feelings with everyone?