Friday, April 26, 2013


I have been trying to keep all original content on the blog but when I find something too good not to share I have to post it. I have been on a racing kick lately and have been following the MotoGP this spring as the second event just happened at our newest world class track in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas. Watch the video and see racing when there wasn't 100' run outs at each turn.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Basque Picnic 2013

I am really trying to get down to this, as it is one of the best events of the year. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Matthew's Harley Davidson Museum Fresno, California

Very limited production dragster that Harley made for two years. I remember Gary Bang having one on the floor back in 03'.

Harold and Eva. Sat and talked with Eva on many occasions. My favorite quote had to be when I said there are always electric starts, since her leg wasn't functioning properly, "if I can't kick start a bike, then I won't ride a bike." She was 88 when she said this.

Both featured in Harley in Time books

Eva's XLCH, her name is stitched in the seat

Look at the barrels and the cut down pan heads.

Harold won in 48' the national championship on this bike.

This 41' hillclimber almost killed Harold, see below

See the short gearing on a hill climber.

Expand to see the letterhead and how happy the people are that are riding. 

Read the story below of this amazing Fresno machine.

The motor's are neat but look closely at the manifold.

There are always those that choose to be different.

The shop truck for David to see the lettering.

The Decker and the hillclimbing photos of Harold.

Snapped right before he had to be carried away in a stretcher. This is the same 41'.

Harolds wool jersey. Honestly, isn't this better than one that screams Monster Energy in lime green?